Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

DIY Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser  #Crafts #Craft #Pump

I've been hoarding collecting empty Bath & Body Works foaming soap bottles, ever since I found this easy tutorial on Life With Laura.


Empty Bath & Body Works Foaming Soap Bottle
Regular Mouth 16oz. Mason Jar (I used Kerr)
Kitchen Shears
Tin Snips
Spray Paint (I used Oil Rubbed Bronze)
Glue Gun

Before starting, I unscrewed the soap pump and thoroughly rinsed off the soap pump and the bottle.

First, I took the bottle and used kitchen shears to cut off the top, leaving about an inch of plastic (in addition to the top part that screws onto the pump).

Next, I drilled a small hole in the Mason jar lid, allowing enough room for the soap pump tube to fit through.  With the lid on the Mason jar, I fed the soap pump tube through the hole and traced a circle on the lid.  This helped me figure out how much of the lid needed to be cut.  Next, I used tin snips to carefully cut out the traced circle from the Mason jar lid.

Ready To Paint Circle Domestic Femme

Spray paint the Mason jar lid & band, as well as the soap pump (minus the tube).  You may need a couple of coats, and you really want to ensure you allow a few days for it to properly dry.

Once the paint is dried, you'll take the bottle piece you previously cut, and push it through the top of your Mason jar lid.  

Screw the soap pump onto the bottle (your lid should be in the middle).  If you soap pump wiggles around on the lid a bit, you'll probably want to use the glue gun at this point.  I used a bit of hot glue to adhere the bottle piece to the bottom of the Mason jar lid. 

DIY Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser  #Crafts #Craft #Pump

I always buy all of the large amounts of soap when they go on clearance, so these dispensers are perfect at disguising my frugality. When people come to my house for our 4th of July BBQ, no one can tell they just used St. Patrick's Day soap that I stockpiled at 90% off.  These are so simple to make and add a touch of Southern charm to your home.  They also make easy, inexpensive gifts.  Mother's Day, anyone? 

How did yours turn out?

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