Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Elf on the Shelf 2014 Calendar (25+ NEW Ideas!)

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means a few things in our household:
1. Delicious, delicious foods will be enjoyed
2. Browsing through Black Friday ads and the start of Christmas shopping
3. Reese, our Elf on the Shelf, is returning!!!

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For those of you who've had an elf for years, I don't know about you, but it's starting to get a little tricky, coming up with new ideas that the little ones haven't seen. I've been pinning ideas for several weeks on my Christmas with the Elf on the Shelf board, and finally managed to compile a final list for this year. All printables, including a new calendar are available at the bottom of this page. Here's a glimpse of the 2014 calendar! 

Elf On The Shelf 2014 Calendar (25+ NEW Ideas!) with FREE Printables  #Nice #Naughty #Good #Bad #Boys #Girls #Printable #Calendar #Calendars #Picture #Pictures #Photo #Photos #Pets #Christmas #Holiday #Holidays #Traditions #Tradition #Elves #Activity #Activities #Puzzle #Puzzles #Word #Search #Food #Top #Best #Cheap #Fast #All #Time #Funny #Hilarious #Kids #Mischievous #Mischief #Reindeer #Pet #Pranks #Xmas #Magic #Kids #Toddlers #Quick #Easy #Younger #Older #Arrival #Hiding #Departure #Christian #Jesus

1. Elf has arrived, but hasn't finished enjoying his Thanksgiving meal - Check out Norene's Thanksgiving Buffet and Turkey Dinner tutorials for details! You can create a mini elf feast, using graham crackers, shaved almond slices, and few other food items you probably have in your pantry.

2. Surprise! You've been gifted an Elf Pets Reindeer! Each one comes with a book, and plush reindeer for your little one to *touch* and love on.

3. Laundry Day - our Elf got a new wardrobe this year, thanks to all of the amazing little outfits that are now available.  He is discovered in the laundry room, with his clothes hanging on a line to dry.

4. Elf brought an Advent Calendar!

5. Everyone knows an Elf's diet consists of sweets. Your Elf is found in front 
of a half-eaten bag of Oreos, with all of the filling (his favorite!) scraped off of the cookies.

6. It's a major award! The Elf brought you A Christmas Story Nightlight, and is found unpacking the "Fraa-gee-lay" lamp .

7. Elf is found in your freezer, hanging out on a frozen "pond", with his new ice skates and a scarf.

8. You like puzzles? The Elf brought you a Christmas Word Search (see bottom of post for printable)

9. You did such a great job on yesterday's puzzle, that the Elf thinks you're ready for an "expert" level jigsaw puzzle - fill a small bag with sawdust, shredded paper, or confetti (see bottom of post for printable).

10. Elf had too much coffee - big googly eyes, while enjoying a cup o' Joe.

11. It's snowing! Elf strung up multiple strands of fishing line and cotton balls.

12.We're low on sweets! The Elf created a sugar-filled grocery list for you. (see bottom of post for printable)

13. Let's play some mini golf! (cut out a putting green from paper, and use a mini candy cane as a golf club)

14. Elf left you some "snowball" (cotton candy) treats (see bottom of post for printable)

15. Thirsty? Elf is found up high, with multiple straws connected and looped, down to a cup of milk.

16. Your scout Elf thought he'd be of some help and strung up some Christmas lights (only he's kinda sloppy)

17. Elf made you some chocolate covered marshmallow snowmen! (stack three on a stick, dip in white chocolate, and decorate)

18. Oops! Elf was enjoying a drink and spilled "milk" (draw out a "spill" on parchment paper, using liquid glue.  Once it dries, gently scrape it off and it's ready to use).

19. The Elf baked you some North Pole Nibbles -- check out Nikki's "Boo Bites" recipe; use red & green sprinkles (see bottom of post for printable)

20. Elf made an igloo! - Cut out the bottom out of a plastic milk jug and make a hole for a "door", and then glue on packaging peanuts -- see Susan's photo, if you're a visual person.

21. Ready for some more sweets?! Elf made red, white and green swirl cookies -- see Amber's "Swirled Sugar Cookies" recipe, and use Christmas colors/sprinkles instead.

22. The Elf played dress-up with your mom's jewelry!

23. Who's ready for a vacation? --> this elf <-- He's found laying out on a "beach" (brown sugar or sand filled pan). Use your imagination for his beach props or activities :)

24. Elf made some angel wings for himself, out of paper.

25. Look out below! Elf is found climbing down from up high, using linked candy canes for a rope

26. Sweet! Elf made a birthday cake for Jesus -- stack together two Oreos, cover with frosting and decorate with sprinkles.

If you post Elf activities on social media, be sure to give me a shoutout - I'd love to see them! Follow me on Instagram and "Like" my Facebook page, if you'd like to be included on Reese's daily adventures, this holiday season. I will be posting daily pics!    

If you're looking for items mentioned throughout this post, or other Elf related accessories, check these out!

Get your 2014 Calendar and Printables here:

2014 Elf on the Shelf Calendar

Elf Grocery List

Elf Word Search 

Expert Puzzle Topper and North Pole Nibbles

Elf Snowballs (Cotton Candy)


What Elf antics are you most looking forward to, this year?

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  1. We're getting an Elf on the Shelf this year, its going to be so much fun!

  2. Thank you for sharing the snowballs topper. Our elf made shortbread cookie snowballs and is leaving them out tomorrow morning.


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