Monday, May 6, 2013

Minecraft Creeper Shoes

Minecraft Creeper Shoes Tutorial by Domestic Femme #Puff #Fabric #Paint #Paint #Shoe #DIY #Character #Green #White #Black #Instruction #Instructions #Instructable #Instructables
I found the idea for these on Nik's site and figured I could make these for my son, who is a m-a-j-o-r Minecraft fan.

Fabric Paint: Black, White, Neon Green, Leaf Green
Vans slip-on shoes ($45) or the Faded Glory ($5) knock-offs from Walmart ~ it's your wallet
Popsicle stick
Steady Hand

To start, I used the white paint to draw a grid outline on the shoes.  The fabric initially soaks in a lot of the paint, so I recommend drawing on just enough to where you can see the white against the fabric.  It's OK if you mess up or accidentally smear paint at this point, because you'll be covering it all up in a bit anyway.

Next, I took the black paint and drew an outline of my Creeper face over parts of the white grid.

Minecraft Creeper Shoes Tutorial by Domestic Femme #Puff #Fabric #Paint #Paint #Shoe #DIY #Character #Green #White #Black #Instruction #Instructions #Instructable #Instructables

I waited about an hour and then filled in the black squares with matching paint.  Depending on how thick you want your paint to be, you may have to outline and then fill again with several layers.  I used the same outline-let-dry-fill-in technique with the other colors, allowing time for each color to dry before painting the outline of my next color right beside it.  

When I did this project, I initially finished one shoe and then used it as a guide for the second as far as color placement. They took a bit of time to complete but were well worth it when I heard the little guy say: "This is the most awesome thing I've ever seen in my entire life". 

Minecraft Creeper Shoes Tutorial by Domestic Femme #Puff #Fabric #Paint #Paint #Shoe #DIY #Character #Green #White #Black #Instruction #Instructions #Instructable #Instructables

  How much did your little Minecraft fan adore their cool shoes?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I want to do this for my son's Birthday and have a hard time finding white canvas shoes other than Vans. good to know it works on black!

    1. Margie, Thank you so much for stopping by and saying "hello!"

      I originally wanted to do these with white, but apparently e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e has caught on to the fact that you can design your own shoe, and I can never find the white ones... we took a gamble and they worked out great :)


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