Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Making Lunch Fun: It's Your Birthday!

I got this idea from Happy Home Fairy, and fell in love with the notion of having to unwrap individual lunch items.  What a fun way to make their school day special on their birthday! 

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First of all: Yes, I sent my kiddo to school with a Mountain Dew AND a bag of cotton candy in his lunchbox. 

1) It's his birthday and he n-e-v-e-r gets soda with his lunch; dessert items are a rarity as well.

2) His grade level went on a field trip today, so it's not like he'll have to sit still at a desk for hours after consuming this.

   I used my star cookie cutter, to stamp out the sandwich shapes, drew a Minecraft Creeper face onto the Mountain Dew bottle with a Sharpie, and wrapped everything in polka dot wrapping paper.

What exciting lunch ideas have you tried with your little ones?

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  1. And after is his birthday!
    *You are an awesome momma*

  2. Superb ideas for birthday lunch! My daughter’s birthday is coming and I would host a dinner bash at one of domestic New York event venues but for lunch I would like to try out your ideas. I am sure she would love to have two celebration parties for her birthday.


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